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Commissions Open by SquirtleStamps
Hello, I'm Decepti-Gal, but you can call me Em.
I'm a self taught artist. Because of this I would love feedback on my uploads. What looks good, what can use some changing, or tips on how to do something better.
I enjoy drawing, sewing, and generally anything that keeps my hands busy.
My plushes are for sale, and I keep my prices as fair as I can.
Occasionally I will hold raffles to win a plush, so make sure to read the plush descriptions- you may have a chance to win it.
A majority of my plushes will be based on video games or cartoons, but I will accept other characters for commissions.

If you like my work, drop a comment, favorite, or a llama- any are appreciated. :)

Commission Information
Updated Commission InfoChristmas is nearing, and commissions are open. I made a list with a basic idea of my prices. Unfortunately, I can only take orders from people in the US right now. But, if you want to commission me, note me and I should get back to you within the hour. Unless I'm asleep
All plushes are 100% unique and will never be the same. I only have a body pattern I use for them all. Everything else is cut from scratch.
Chibi Plushes vary in price between $20-$30. They stand somewhere between 8-10 inches. All clothing/accents are hand sewn on.

Accessories can be opted as removable (design permitting) or attached.

Shipping is $6, anywhere US. I ship using US

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There are some dreams that stick with you throughout your life. I've had some pretty interesting ones in my life, and while the story may have been slightly forgotten, there are concepts I havent.
Thinking back, a lot of my dreams are zombie apocalypse worlds.

first dream-  I have no idea what we were doing. It was an apocalyptic world and I was with a ragtag group of people. I want to say we were out scavenging food. For whatever reason, one of the people decided that in a time we were supposed to be stealthily sneaking around for food, they should sing.
This will probably end in a way you'd expect.
So of course we notice the zombies shambling their way over. So freak out and get ready to fight for our lives because there's a ton of them making their way towards our area. And the singing person will not shut up.
Unexpectedly, the zombies don't attack us.
Somehow we discover they like the music and we can essentially control them by singing and Lord help you should you stop.
I remember being in a grocery store and everyone singing opera music and watching the zombies kinda sway and fall over as the team mate who wouldn't shut up earlier dances around.

My second dream I recall the apocolypse started because of the government running some experiment. Go figure.
I don't think this rose the dead so much as slowly morphed living beings into Zombies.
Thats not the part of the dream I most remember.
In this dream, for some reason I was watching a ballet dance recital. Most strikingly, the lead dancer was the Hulk. Watching Hulk dance and twirl around in a tutu has to be the most entertaining thing.
the most horrifying is when he goes down into some form of bow and when he comes up he's a zombie.
It was the best worst dream ever.

And finally, my uncle caused the zombie apacolypse. No idea what he was doing, but he managed to create a zombie virus.
this was a long dream, so I only remember a handful of events.
1- No one believed me when I said there were zombies. They're only in movies.
2- My aunt, the wife of the uncle who created the virus, was turned into a zombie. But, was apparently human enough to be appalled by the idea of eating brains. So she became what was titled a vegan zombie. She only ate ground beef.
3- My dad got infected, so he pulled a dozen eggs from his underwear drawer of all places, and gave them to me to get him some beer as his dying wish. He sent me on my bike through a zombie infested city to hunt down a beer.
i woke up before I could see how it ended. Probably badly cause I didn't have more than six bullets.

Anyone have dreams that have stuck in their mind for the longest time?

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